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The Wave Report

Keeping the Flow Going

Happy Fall Everyone! I hope you are enjoying the season. Based on what I am hearing and seeing in my practice, in communities, and in the world at large – people have A LOT going on.   When people are overwhelmed the stress response has the effect of disconnecting people from the Evolutionary Light. This energy is very much working the physical body and when the nervous system gets jammed, it looks like the Light gets pinched off, usually around the head and neck.  As a practitioner, my main job is to get that flow opened up again and the newest … Read More

Nature’s New Year & New Cosmic Impulses

The Autumn Equinox is right around the corner. The precise moment in the Eastern hemisphere is 4:02 pm on September 22nd. The Evolutionary Lightwork class will begin shortly after at 5:30pm so that we can participate in the potent window surrounding that shift into Fall.

It is a special time of year. The Fall Equinox is Nature’s new year when new cosmic impulses for the coming creation cycle are released into our dimension. It is a time for reflection, renewing, and committing. So much is happening all the time, all around us. It is a challenge to keep up with … Read More

Proprioception & Dis-orientation

Happy August! The evolutionary process is ramping up as expected. If you get out into Nature you will feel and possibly hear the sound of the incoming Light waves. The Evolutionary  Light is not just coming in from outside the Earth, it is also emerging from the Earth. Several years ago, the Earth began the process of stepping down the Cosmic Light and converting to a 4th Dimensional reality. The conversion is not complete but the planet is now functioning as a force capable of absorbing the Evolutionary Light  and then pushing it back out to the surface so that Read More

Triggers & the August Acceleration

If you have been reading the UPD8!’s for the past few years, you know that every August we experience a major acceleration in the evolutionary energy.  In order to prepare for that jump, there is a push to clear out anything that will obstruct that new influx of Light.  

In order to clean out the old energy, we need it to be jiggled up and moved from the unconscious to the conscious mind. The only thing that can do this is a trigger. 

These triggers do not need to be big, but they need to be significant enough to make Read More

Breakdown & Re-organize

The moment of the Summer Solstice will occur on June 21st, at 12:24am in the Eastern time zone. Getting a class together in the middle of the night would be tough, so instead we will gather to kick off the Solstice just as the energy activates and begins to build. During the Summer Solstice and the 3 days surrounding the event, the magnetics of the Earth’s field shift to allow increased Cosmic Light to reach the Earth. This Cosmic Light is spurring the evolutionary push and is carrying the energy we need to both break down the old and build … Read More

Cruising Through May

There has been A LOT of Evolutionary Light activity over the last few weeks. We have had 3 master shifts recently and we are still working on holding the very new and powerful energy that came in with April’s acceleration.

Space weather is expected to be interesting this week with a geomagnetic storm and potential for more flares.  All this activity will help us with this bigger process and provide the electrical energy needed to hold the bio-energetic fields together and expand the power of the heart center.

At class on Friday, I will run through the latest challenges and … Read More

April’s Acceleration

There are 3 times a year when the evolutionary process goes through a major acceleration. April is one of these months. March was a preparation for this jump, and now we are in the process of working to integrate a much higher energy.  If you have had spells of feeling sick, or actually came down with a cold or flu that is not resolving, it is due to your energy system being bogged down. Your system is working hard to release a lot of old energy in order to accommodate the expansion and it is getting jammed. You may be … Read More

EL and the Master Shifts


The official moment of the Spring Equinox in the eastern time zone is 6:28 am on Monday March 20th.

At the EL-WORK class on Sunday, we will gather to align with the energy of the Equinox  and work with the new currents of Evolutionary Light.

If you have been feeling tired, frustrated, unmotivated, and/or disoriented the past few days it is probably due to the master shift that occurred last week.  We experience shifts on a daily basis, but the master shifts are extra powerful and not as frequent. The last one was a 3 part master shift that

Read More

The New Blue and Introducing the EL-DL

I hope everyone’s 2017 is off to a good start. The first few weeks were a bit of a slog as we transitioned into the energy of the New Year. Now we are really feeling the vitality and power of this next creation cycle that started on the Winter Solstice. We have a fast-paced year of change ahead of us.

Every Winter Solstice I go into a deep state to align with the energy of the new cycle. During this time, I receive guidance about the coming year and observe new activity in the realm of the Evolutionary Light. This … Read More

Winter Solstice Ahead

The moment of the winter solstice will take place on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 5:44 am in the Eastern time zone. Later that evening, we will gather to welcome in the new templates for the special frequencies and patterns for this coming year.

The push is on- and those on the Evolutionary path are accelerating rapidly now. As intense as it is in the Earthly realm, it is just as wild in the realm of the Evolutionary Light. It is an exciting time and as awful as it looks out there, I assure you the Evolutionary Light is here … Read More

INTO the 4th

However you may be feeling about the world and humanity, I assure you the Evolutionary Light is not only here but accelerating daily. My focus has shifted to observe what is happening in the bigger picture and I will do my best to translate what we are seeing at class and all upcoming classes, as things unfold.

There is a major push to get everybody and all regions of the world grounded into the 4th dimension. I’ve been talking about this for a year. Some got started early, paving the way for others, but now it is imperative for the … Read More


Happy Fall Everyone!

As I write this, we are the midst of a big change in the evolutionary energy. When shifts occur of this magnitude, it can take several days to a few weeks for the energy to integrate successfully. People can experience a range of symptoms, feelings, and experiences as the energy moves through the phases toward full integration. This shift happens to be happening during a Super Full Moon with several intense astrological alignments. My advice is to take things hour by hour and check in with your body to see how you are doing/feeling. Keep an eye … Read More

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