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What Is The Evolutionary Light Method?

Through careful observation and partnership with the Evolutionary Light (EL), Sheilagh Durkin has become a carrier and teacher of a new healing lineage for this very new time. After many years of study and work with the EL activity, Sheilagh was granted permission by the mother of this new linage to share and develop the approach so that it can be taught to people around the world. The Evolutionary Light Method (ELM) is a new healing approach that works directly with Light to support our health while advancing the process of conscious evolution. Essentially this work is here to ensure our evolution is a success.

Sheilagh developed the Evolutionary Light Method to provide a way to share what she has learned about the process and its impact to our planet, to the human experience and to all living things. Through various class formats, Sheilagh invites people to have a co-creative relationship with their own evolution and teaches the Evolutionary Light Method to those seeking True Healing and an empowered relationship to the changing times.

Please explore the Learning Center to learn more about the Evolutionary Light Institute and the variety of classes offered in the Evolutionary Light Method.

The EL-UPD8! page also features helpful information about EL and its impact on the evolutionary process currently underway.