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Welcome to the Co-creative Health website!

Since 1993 something incredible has emerged out of my desire to understand the nature of True Healing.

What began as an inquiry into the root causes of illness and suffering
became a path of learning and self-discovery that changed the direction of my life and brought me to who I am now-

A healer, teacher and facilitator of Conscious Evolution.

My Learning Intensive

My path began in Boulder, Colorado. I had moved there to complete my undergraduate degree and just about the time my college days ended my “learning intensive” in True Healing began. For 10 years I studied and apprenticed with the best healers and pioneers in the emerging approaches for healing trauma and the nervous system. Some of my most intense learning came from a serious car accident which resulted in a minor traumatic brain injury.

My personal recovery process gave me a profound understanding and respect for the healing wisdom held in the body. The trauma of the accident also opened up perceptual pathways and once again I was able to see the energy patterns causing illness – but now my awareness and intuition were grounded in a wealth of learning and wisdom.

My Healing Practice

Pulling together all I had learned about healing, trauma and the human bio-energetic system, I opened up my energy work practice. I named it Co-creative Health to highlight the importance of entering into partnership with our body, our Soul and the forces that sustain us in order for True Healing to occur.

During my healing process, I developed a deep respect for Chinese Medical Philosophy and knew it would play an important role in my healing practice. In order to incorporate the ancient arts of Chinese Herbal medicine and acupuncture into my work, I enrolled in Southwest Acupuncture College and earned a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine.

Sheilagh Durkin

Working With EL - The Evolutionary Light

For many years during client sessions, I would observe the Light coming into clients bio-energetic systems to assist with the healing. As I learned to partner directly with the Light, the healing power of the work intensified. As the work intensified, I had to hone and accelerate my own ability to integrate and incorporate what I was being shown.

In 2000, I noticed a significant shift in the Light’s activity. It was no longer just supporting the healing of our current energy system; It was activating the framework for an entirely new bio-energetic operating system. Over time working with this new phenomena, it became clear that this new energy activity was about human and planetary evolution.

As I continue to observe and facilitate the work of the Evolutionary Light, I have come to a clear understanding that True Healing and conscious evolution are not just intimately connected, they are one and the same.

“I am very grateful for the bridge the Co-creative Health essences facilitate with the healing impulse of Nature and I always travel with a large assortment. Beware of TSA though, and pack them in a ziplock bag!” – Lin D.

“Sheilagh’s essences have helped me work with grounded embodiment and the soothing of my heart in stressful times.” – Will S.

“I specifically rely upon the following Co-creative Health essences: Grounding to center myself, Clear Bodies when I have been in a dense toxic field and Rest Easy to help with my insomnia.” – Lin D.

“The Lightwork (EL-WORK) essences, Irish series and the combinations that Sheilagh offers through Co-creative Health are powerful allies that I use regularly to support the process of change and balance with the evolutionary flow”. ““ Lin D.

“The Co-creative Health essences have been a beautiful aid in my daily life these past few years, I take one on the go almost wherever I go.” – Will S.

“My friend got the Rest Easy essences, used them that same night and said she got the best night’s sleep she’s had in a long time.” – Elizabeth W.

“Sheilagh’s EL-OS method facilitates a clearing of that which obstructs our inherent being and provides a Co-creative dynamic for authentic growth to occur.” – Ken G.

“These are challenging times for this wondrous planet and the obstacles can certainly feel overwhelming. Sheilagh’s EL-OS method is a freshly inspired opportunity that supports the individual in transforming confusion into wisdom.” – Ken G.

“In advancing through the EL-OS level of classes, Sheilagh’s knowledge and skills as both a healer and mentor created an opportunity for me to become more aware and get to know my own conscious reality as a true participant in co-creation.” – Judy, High School Teacher

“Sheilagh was able to identify areas that have been stuck and holding me back. Even during the time between our sessions vast changes continued to happen; sometimes it was scary and/or painful but, I felt supported during the entire process and subsequently made great strides forward.” – Meg, Artist

Co-creative Health

I have spent decades immersed in this evolutionary process – grounding a new healing system and creating resources to make the process easier for people.

The Essences of Co-creative Health are the result of a collaboration with Nature and the Light to provide resources for the challenges and opportunities presented by these unique times. The essences harness the healing properties of plants, minerals, and environments and deliver them in a simple and user friendly way.

My healing practice is a dynamic culmination of all that I have learned from school, teachers, mentors, Nature Intelligence and from working daily with the Evolutionary Light. It is a joy and privilege to be able to partner with the Light to support people with their healing and conscious evolution. Every day I witness extraordinary events and learn something new about who we are, where we have been, and what we need to move forward with the Light.

After several years of teaching and empowering people by sharing what I have been shown, I created The Evolutionary Light Institute.  This unique  learning center offers classes for people ready to catalyze their healing process while learning tools and approaches for an optimal personal and planetary evolutionary process. Explore the Institute’s Learning Center to see which class calls to you. Many of the classes offer remote as well as in person attendance.

If you are curious, join an EL-WORK Class. They are open to all and are a great way to experience the work.