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Since 2008 Sheilagh Durkin, in partnership with EL (The Evolutionary Light) has facilitated EL-WORK sessions, formally known as LIGHTWORK, which offers support by connecting people to the Evolutionary Light.

EL-WORK or Evolutionary Lightwork, are monthly group energy classes where Sheilagh facilitates an attunement for our bio-energetic systems to better interact and integrate the newest Evolutionary Light patterns and grids coming in to support our evolution.

In a 90 minute time period:

  • Sheilagh will provide context for what is happening and offer helpful information regarding the challenges and how to best work with the changes occurring
  • Activate the new bio-energetic vessel and improved operating system
  • Ground, Integrate and Enhance the new energy patterns and electrical energy being ushered in
  • Release limiting fear based patterns, emotional blockages etc.
  • Enhance support for personal healing and personal manifestation

Participants of the classes report many positive changes:

  • Feeling stronger, more resilient, and able to handle the challenges in their personal life
  • Enhanced intuitive capacity and the ability to see the light impulses and grids
  • Feeling physically, mentally and spiritually aligned & wholly connected
  • More grounded and able to focus
  • Improved overall health and resolution of health challenges

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