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October 17, 2017

Keeping the Flow Going

Happy Fall Everyone! I hope you are enjoying the season. Based on what I am hearing and seeing in my practice, in communities, and in the world at large – people have A LOT going on.   When people are overwhelmed the stress response has the effect of disconnecting people from the Evolutionary Light. This energy is very much working the physical body and when the nervous system gets jammed, it looks like the Light gets pinched off, usually around the head and neck.  As a practitioner, my main job is to get that flow opened up again and the newest currents integrated. Once the Light is flowing, people have an unusual ability to handle the stress of life during these changing times. They are in the sweet spot of dynamic stability during turbulence and sometimes even chaos.  This is one of the the biggest gifts the Light is delivering.  In the world of trauma recovery, we strive to help clients find this dynamic stability and resiliency- and nothing does this like the past few years of Evolutionary Light activity.

And always remember – as bad as it looks out there, the Light is intensifying daily.   The more it comes, the more it breaks open the entrenched patterns that have been causing suffering and misery for countless generations.  The Light’s victory of the week is the breaking of the code of silence around the sexual violence that women, men, and children have been experiencing for too long.  This trend will continue as we see more secrets of the widespread abuse of power being revealed and people finding the courage to speak  up.

During October’s Evolutionary Lightwork class on Saturday, I will get the EL flow going and support the integration of the October currents.  The first week of November is shaping up for a bigger push of Light so there will be a blend of catching up and preparing for what is to come.

Remote attendance is the only way to attend the month’s class.  Both attendance options will be available in November and December.