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The Evolutionary Light Method: Foundations & Level 1

May 11 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm



The Evolutionary Light Method: Foundations & Level 1 class is the primary class for learning to work directly with the Evolutionary Light to create dynamic stability in your changing bio-energetic system.

ELM classes put the key to your successful evolution in your own hands.

In this class Sheilagh will present:

  • The context of the Evolutionary process and the challenges and opportunities it poses for humanity.
  • The Evolutionary Light  Method (ELM) and how to engage directly with the Evolutionary Light to support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
  • How to assist the integration of the new operating system for advancing your health and conscious evolution.
  • How to apply ELM to self and others- including pets
  • Observations and success stories from working with ELM for over 2 decades.

Why this class is important:

  • The Evolutionary Light is impacting our entire planet.
  • The Evolutionary Light requires our participation and assistance to ensure a positive outcome.
  • Problems caused by the Evolutionary Light can only be solved by working directly with It.
  • ELM gives people a tool they can use any time to help anyone, fostering self reliance and empowerment during challenging times.
  • The ELM makes any other healing approach more powerful and effective.
  • This class is the gateway class for all other ELM classes. Once you have taken this class, you are eligible to learn  ELM: EARTH and advanced classes in the Evolutionary Light  Method.


This Foundations Level class  presents the development of the work and the context for it’s existence and relevance.  Sheilagh will explain the opportunities, challenges, and dangers posed by the process, as well as approaches to turn challenges into success using the new energy.  
The Evolutionary Light Method  is the most powerful way to engage with this new incoming Light to establish a state of progressive dynamic stability and resiliency.  As we figure out how to surf the wild waves of change ahead, these skills will be indispensable for our health and stability.  

Students will receive a special opening and alignment to get the class “tapped in” to the energy and calibrated to work with the new healing system. Once the alignment is complete, students will learn the BASIC SEQUENCES. The “BASICS” are the most important and most simple way to restore coherence to a bio-energetic system being challenged by the new energy.   This approach will connect you directly to the Evolutionary Light  and help to create a self sufficiency that will improve your health and accelerate your own personal evolution process.  This approach is used for self care and also for family, friends, and clients- anyone really, especially now that the new energy is impacting everyone.  

The class fee of $180 includes a specific pendulum and course materials.

$180.00 - $300.00 /per class
160 State Road
Kittery, ME 03904 United States

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Who's Attending

6 people are attending The Evolutionary Light Method: Foundations & Level 1

  • Barrie Hanlon
  • Laura Fleming
  • Laura Brogan
  • Jennifer Lane
  • Gayle Colman